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Old 07-04-2008, 06:21 PM
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The problem with Vista really isn't Vista. It's that people don't understand it, don't like change and drivers.

Nope, the problem with Vista is that it does not work as well as XP. People want a computer that works. Thats one reason Mac sells have increased by over 30% sense Vista came out.

Superfetch makes people think Vista is using gobs of ram when it's really just making use of idle ram. And within a few days to a few weeks superfetch is monitoring your computing habits and speeding up your commonly used apps and games. It's a good thing.

If this were so and Vista was just "holding" the 700 mb or so it needs to run until something else needed it. When I used a program that used lots of RAM Vista would gladly hand over the extra RAM for the program to use. It does not do this. Vista does not get faster with use, in fact the more programs you install on it the slower and more unstable it becomes.

Why Windows 7 will be better is simply because it's using the same driver model as Vista. The same drivers will work and it gives hardware vendors a couple of more years for their drivers to mature.

The only way Windows 7 will be better is if Microsoft starts with a clean slate, takes out all the bloat and useless crap, lowers the install size and RAM use by 50% or more and put more focus on a stable OS instead of trying to put every feature and program on earth inside it.

How about a stripped down, tweaked ,Windows XP pro with aero glass and an install size of maybe 400-500. Now you are talking.
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