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Old 05-18-2012, 06:01 AM
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Default How did i miss this?

I had a SATA drive in a toaster that i backed up my data to when i reformatted my PC. something happened to the partitions on that drive. back then i ran a couple data recovery programs on the drive, and got nothing. so i had given up on it at the time. That drive has sat on my shelf for 7-8 months now hoping one day to be able to recover the data some how.

tonight i decided to plug it into my linux laptop and see if i could do anything with it. I know that i had done this before and got nothing, but tonight it mounted and all my files are there.

i really dont get it, but at this point i am not complaining. i copied the most important stuff 1000 family photos that i had scanned to my main pc and let jungle disk grab them and back them up to the cloud.

but still how?

for some reason linux reports the Drives File system as Apple HFS+ but my mac can not read it.
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