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07-29-2009, 08:02 PM
I physically drove my motorcycle down to a couple computer stores in adjacent towns. I handed them a small stack of specially made business cards, highlighting my Data Recovery. I do just about everything with computers - even build/sell arcades, but I made up these business cards that made it seem that all I did was the one thing. These cards state: DATA RECOVERY SPECIALISTS, right on top.

Since then, I've received calls and referrals from THOSE calls, and yes, paid work. Data recovery is different type of work to be sure, but each job pays at least a few hundred dollars.

I've also been more involved with other local businesses, becoming friends and getting to know them as a person. One of my neighbors has his own sign business. Since I offer so many services, it's no wonder that in some conversation that something will come up computers and touch on something I do. In this case is was Data Backup. Well, through JungleDisk, I've set him up. I offer support and make sure things are going well.

By doing the data backup service, with just this one client/friend, I have monthly income.

Getting more involved with church has also helped my business. That wasn't the only reason I did so though! I'm a christian, and believe in Jesus Christ, and fellowship and serving is something I should be doing anyway. Well, there have been a few members who have stated they need computer work. I've brought up what I do and they've either come to me directly, or I've offered to help. I've also setup, host, update and maintain their website: CCCcny.org (http://www.ccccny.org)

Even offering church members a discount, this is still paid work. Although the website is offered for free, my business website appears on the bottom of all pages as the designer, so this provides at the very least, more links through web crawlers, but also gives more advertising.
Also, being involved in church has opened the door to learning more technology! I've learned how to work the SOUNDBOARD, and work it for the band every other week.

Upgraded my business sign. This is my THIRD upgrade for a business sign. This new sign is 4' x 8' long. It's very professional looking, remember that sign guy I mentioned above? He made it (I designed the logo, it's the same as my sig). I also made up some small yard signs I have along the property, as I have 3.5 acres or so of land around my home business. Also recently added two 3' x 5' flags which just say: COMPUTERS and are on retractable flag poles.

The home advertising has brought in several neighbors and also others who drive through on their way to and from work.

Vinyl lettering on my van also helps. Now that we have two vehicles, it looks to others that we are even more successful.

I've also posted on Craig's List, but it hasn't yielded any results. I've looked into the phone book, but I personally think it's too much money.

As for the costs of the above advertising ventures, well let's see... The business cards were cheap off Vista Print, but pay the extra to remove their ads from the back!

Getting to know your local businesses or neighbors is free, though it does take some time. They may try to get some stuff for free from you, but just laugh it off and offer a discount or something.

The signs were the most expensive, but I actually own a small vinyl cutter I bought off Ebay (no, not the CRICKET!), so I made the smaller signs, and actually did the lettering on the van. I had to pay a few hundred for the yard sign, and some more work involved putting the posts for it in, but the benefit of having it done by another professional made it worth it. Plus I bartered some computer work so it lowered the cost to me.

Finally, the church stuff, that of course is up to you and your beliefs.

I hope the above testimony helps someone in these trying times. If you're feeling down about business, or just looking for some new ideas, maybe they'll inspire you.


Mr I
07-29-2009, 08:32 PM
I also have been involved in church before becoming a technician. As a matter fact that's how I started fixing computers here and there BUT at no cost. Years later after going to college and establishing a company I started charging. However, there are some exceptions like the people who help at church with their computer, I don't charge them.

your marketing strategies are excellent!!

07-31-2009, 03:04 PM

Glad to see your business is going good, I have a Question regarding the vinyl plotter you bought on ebay...What type is it, and was there a huge learning curve to being able to use it.

Lately, I have tossed around the idea of possibly buying one myself and think if I used it for similiar uses.

08-01-2009, 09:03 AM
Sounds like you've done a great job! Your story is encouraging to me as I have very recently started my own business, and I hope I will be blessed in a similar manner. I really need to start networking more and seeking fellowship as well, something I've been convicted of lately.

08-01-2009, 02:06 PM
Very good advice... I will try to do some of the above as well.

08-01-2009, 03:41 PM
Good job man. Its amazing the work you can dig up by networking.

If you dont mind. When/how did you start specializing in data recovery?