View Full Version : Review: Command And Conquer 3 Demo

03-02-2007, 01:14 AM
Well I recently got this demo coz well, who wouldnt, and I gotta say I'm very impressed. Its similar to Generals in the engine, but they have made some enhancements to it which has made it even better. GDI units are all new, NOD units are all new, cut scenes throughout the battles, video link ups and such. And this is just in the demo. Something that also made my day was that it ran so smoothly on my pc, which isnt the top of the range model if you get me, but still runs very nicely.

Definently worth checking out, although it is a large download at 1.17gb.

I will be getting this game once released and I can see it giving me hours of pleasure, both at home and at lans :D