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01-17-2007, 11:43 PM

I am having a problem with my Medion MD-1704. (serial# 41704023301917)

i just recently purchased a JVC dv-camcorder (model no. GR-D30U) and was excited to be able to rip these files directly into my computer - so i bought the firewire that would allow me to do so...

.. but my computer has no idea anything's there ... none at all.

... so...

i just finished reformatting my computer (win xp - sp2) - hoping that the plug and play would locate these drivers with the unit already plugged in - but i just can't seem to make this work. I've checked with Medion's home site, Microsoft's download center for anything i could get me hands on, but still nothing.
i've downloaded driver packs from various sites on the web, searched through endless pages of troubleshooting help and tried "installing new hardware" with numerous amounts of failed attempts. (picking the firewire from from the list, but have no other information about it (no drivers or manufacturer to choose from) and medion no longer lists the specs or support that i need for this computer so i can't even really find out.) ..and, no - it's not listed in my device manager.

I checked JVC's web site for anything close to a helpful download, but they don't offer support for this.
... also, there was never an installation cd

I'm having a really hard time with this (and i'm actually very computer savvy.)

i opened up the computer and checked the board - it's a Winbond 83697HF
i went to Winbond's home site and was able to dig up a tutorial on this particular board. Now, if i'm reading correctly, and once i get into the motherboard i begin to lose my savvy, but is it possible that this board ONLY supports IEEE1284 - and not the required IEEE1394?
As i said earlier, i begin to lose understanding once we get this deep, so please forgive the ignorance if any.

What am i supposed to do?
This is begining to drive me crazy.

Any ideas?... suggestions?

Please... and Thank You!


Bryce W
01-17-2007, 11:48 PM
Well, its always best to start simple and work your way up.

If you havent thought of these already, give them a try:

1. When plugging the cam into the computer the cam must be switched on or else the computer wont detect it.

2. From memory, JVC's have to have the USB interface switched on as it is turned off my default. Its somewhere in the menu of the actual camera. Might be called something like "USB, USB Link, Data Link, Data port etc.." make sure its switched on.