View Full Version : Dell Gobi Mobile Broadband 5600

05-15-2009, 12:06 AM
Figured I would see if anyone else has worked with these.

Here is my issue. I want to use the Gobi Mobile Broadband Card (which is the Dell Wireless 5600 WWAN) without having to use the Dell ControlPoint software.

The systems in question are the Latitude E6400 machines.

With the older cards, the makers (ie: erikson for the 5300) provided an alternative solution via their own wireless managers. With the Gobi card - I don't see that they offer a wireless manager.

With AT&T the mobile connection manager sees the card - but cant turn it on for use.

Same with the Verizon and Sprint managers.

Anyone know of any other wireless managers that will work with the Gobi Cards?

When searching other manufacturers that use the cards, it looks like HP uses their own manager as well. Same for Panasonic and all the others I have seen.

Any ideas would be worth a shot - so feel free if you have one to spit it on out!