View Full Version : [Want To Buy] 1GB DDR 333Mhz (pc2700) sodimm 200 Pin laptop memory

04-26-2009, 10:22 PM
Looking to buy some old DDR 333Mhz (pc2700) sodimm 200 Pin laptop memory (1GB stick).

Customer with an old Dell laptop has asked if I could get him a cheap upgrade. He throws a lot of business my way so I'll probably give it to him for free and keep him sweet. So just want some cheap working memory. Ideally one 1GB stick of known brandname, if you have two I'll take them both. Cheap as possible :D

PM me with a price, if you have some you could sell me. I'm UK based for factoring in postage.

05-01-2009, 09:54 PM
Not to worry guys. Just went and got him a stick. Threw it in for free for him.

05-02-2009, 12:57 AM
I was going to say . . . If he is a good customer, and you want to take the loss-lead to keep the business and get more. . . . go buy a stick and put it in and smile and shake his hand.

BTW . . what did it actually cost you?

05-02-2009, 12:04 PM
Managed to get a brand new stick for 30, usual price seems to be around 40ish. Thought I'd have got it for cheaper, but apparently this stuff has rocketed in value in the past 6 months. It's old and getting scarce now. He wasn't expecting it so quick and was delighted. He really just wanted me to keep an eye out for some old memory out of maybe a faulty laptop or another customer who was throwing one out, or whatever. Sometimes it's best to take a small hit, wouldn't do it too frequently, or for too many though :)