View Full Version : Booting UBCD4Win off file server?

04-24-2009, 04:17 AM
Is there any way to boot UBCD4Win off of a file server? I think it'd be a great way to keep it updated as well as use it on many computers when I need to. Sometimes I get 3 or 4 or 5 client computers and I like to work on them all at one time and I don't have to time to make a lot of disks and was wondering if this is possible.

If it is, can multiple machines share the resources of the boot or would I need to make more than one folder and share it?

Thanks in advance.

05-01-2009, 12:51 PM
I pretty sure that the only way to use it will be to boot off of the CD on the system you are working on. I usually just burn 2 discs when they come out with a new version, I keep the old ones around in the event I need more than 2. The virus & spyware programs don't usually change & the defs will update if you are connected to the net.

05-13-2009, 11:52 PM
I like this idea... what about using RIS on a Windows server? That is an initeresting idea.