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03-25-2009, 09:33 PM
Have you ever used a wireless network to access the Internet, a home computer, or even a file server? Wi-Fi hotspots can be found in coffee shops, libraries, airports and at home. They make Internet access very convenient, but also very unsafe.

Desktops, Laptops, PDAís, Mobile Phones, even video game consoles are now coming with wireless technology, but at what price?

If a major retail store can have millions of customer credit card numbers stolen through their Wi-Fi network connection after they thought their wireless network was secure, imagine how many people are victims to hackers using packet sniffing and other intrusion techniques and donít even know it.

This breach of security for the wireless network of one retail chain, was a major blow as it had become apparent that this relied upon wireless security, practice was now vulnerable. The wireless network security level, once thought to be secure, was now insecure, meaning that a hacker could infiltrate the very network that the wireless router was supposed to be guarding, and take what ever information they want.

Although a couple of years have passed since one of the most widely publicized data breaches in United States history, there have been numerous revisions to the security levels of wireless networks; yet again they have been compromised.

It is up to the individual to take responsibility for the security of their Internet connection. But, there must be a program or service available to provide the level of protection needed while at the same time, be easy and convenient to use. Covert Surfer provides you with National Institute of Standards and Technology approved 256 bit AES encryption for both your wired and wireless connection.

In addition, Cover Surfer allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and securely by encrypting the data that leaves your computer through the program, and decrypting it when data is received. It contains a registry clean program and automatically erases your Internet cookies when you close the program. In addition, it provides you with a file shredder which destroys any files you donít want others to discover. Covert Surfer is another great tool in the fight for Internet Identity Protection. Covert Surfer can be downloaded directly onto your computer or onto a USB Flash Drive, making it portable and a perfect travel companion. It is truly the Internet Freedom Tool which keeps your data safe and cyber spies away from your personal information.


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haha! Served!

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