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09-22-2006, 11:53 PM
When I want to open the hidden file in my pendrive , my folder option gone so I cannot open the hidden file .

Is there any way to open the hidden file ?

I thought it was cause by the virus but I had update the latest version of antivirus and the scanning dont show any trouble.

What cause it??

Bryce W
09-23-2006, 12:05 AM
So If you goto Tools > Folder Options > View Tab
and choose "Show Hidden Files and Folders". Does that bring it up?

09-23-2006, 12:31 AM
But at the Tool, The Folder Option is gone I dont know where is it. My friend say it was cause by virus . After the scanning there is no virus . I have update my antivirus

Bryce W
09-23-2006, 01:08 AM
At the location you are trying to open it at, do you have administrator access? Its quite possible you dont have the permissions to change the folder settings so it wont show.

Goto Contol Panel > User Accounts

You should be able to see your account name. Does it say Limited Account?

09-25-2006, 07:24 PM
No it just say Administrator and it happened at my PC and I forgot to tell that file Folder Option at Control Panel is disappered. If I switch another account , I can open the Folder Option (sorry for late reply)

09-27-2006, 02:03 PM
you changed accounts ok the other account might not have the privlages to change folder options like that becuase they are not an administrator anyhow if you know the file name all you need to do is hit start run and type the path and file name ie


D representing the possible drive letter but unlikely most likely it is E or something beyond that and then folder1 and such represent possible folders it is in and then filename being the name of the file and .txt just cuase that is a common extension but you shouldn't even need the extension unless multiple files with that name of different file types

03-03-2007, 03:28 AM
i have the same problem....there is no folder option tab in my tools menu & control panel.i am the administrator but when i try to open it via help & support option it says restriction applies,contact system administrator.............this happened after working with my pen drive.i tried all the anti virus but nothing is done. is it any kinda virus ..........someone help me pls..................

03-08-2007, 08:37 AM

Try this:

Click Start - Run type regedit.

In the registry browse to here:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer]

set the DWORD "NoFolderOptions" to 0 or just delete it.

The problem should be fixed, good luck.

NOTE: Editing the registry can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing, you should always back up before doing so.

See here:


03-16-2007, 03:02 AM
it works and save me to reinstall windows .

03-18-2007, 11:39 PM
iam unable to see folder options in tool bar , i had set "NO FOLDER OPTIONS TO 0" IN REGEDIT . BUT STILL FACING SAME ISSUE

Bryce W
03-19-2007, 02:33 AM
iam unable to see folder options in tool bar , i had set "NO FOLDER OPTIONS TO 0" IN REGEDIT . BUT STILL FACING SAME ISSUE
Did you try rebooting afterwards?

05-19-2007, 06:23 AM

03-03-2008, 10:37 AM
Hi, yes I have the same problem. Have done everything accordingly to fix as per instructions (search on SSVICHOSST virus) but it does not seem to apply to Vista as in XP. On the verge of re-installing Vista as I cannot see a LOT of VB6 files I have worked on. Tried using a different profile (admin) and it does not help either....

04-17-2008, 05:04 AM
A prompt appears that says "unable to delete specified value" neither can i change the value.

What seems to be my problem?
Thanks in advance

04-19-2008, 09:00 PM
a little tool to keep on hand for fixing this kind of problem is RRT (remove restrictions tool)

This tool has saved me a few times!!

05-20-2008, 11:18 PM
This should sort it for you

1. Login as Administrator (or equivalent)
2. Click Start/Run and type:

regsvr32 /i shell32.dll