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01-28-2009, 04:22 PM
I'm having trouble running Open Office from PStart.
My flash drive is set up like this

X:/FolderA/PStartFiles <This is where I keep all of the files that are used in my PStart menu
X:/FolderB/PortableApps <This is where I have my PortableApps.com menu

I have OpenOffice installed in the PortableApps Menu application and Open Office will run from that. When I copied the X:/FolderB/PortableApps/PortableApps/OpenOffice folder to my X:/FolderA/PStartFiles folder I cannot run Open Office through PStart or by opening one of the Open Office apps .exe files. However when I copy this same folder to my computer I can run Open Office. I can also run Open Office from PStart if I have it run from the X:/FolderB/PortableApps/PortableApps/OpenOffice folder.

If that seems like a blur of my jumbled thoughts then Ill summarize it here.
On my USB drive I had a PStart folder (basically its the Comp Repair Utility with some added apps) and I have the PortableApps.com menu application in a different folder. The PortableApps menu can run Open Office thats located in the PortableApps folder. PStart can run Open Office from that same folder but cannot run Open Office from a copy of the folder placed in the PStart folder and the files in the PStart folder (ex. OpenOfficeWriterPortable.exe) do not open Open Office. However when this same folder is copied to a folder on my computer itself the .exe's can run Open Office.

My question is why will the copied PortableApps Open Office folder work on my computer but not on my flash drive while the portable Open Office is able to run from the PStart menu when linked to the PortableApps folder?

I also installed the OpenOffice portable app to the PStart folder (using the installed downloaded from PortableApps.com) and those files do not run Open Office.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that when I try to open the copied files (Both by manually opening files and through PStart) the Open Office Portable loading screen appears and the programs start to load but then fail to finish loading.

01-28-2009, 04:50 PM
Nevermind. Figured out how to fix it. I had to put the folder on my computer, run it once (to get through the registration screen) then I could copy the folder back to the flash drive and I can run it through the PStart folder.