View Full Version : Computer Speed Up Techniques

01-26-2009, 08:49 PM
I have my ways of speeding up systems that are a bit sluggish like

Disable Services
Scan For Spyware/Virus/malware
Disable Useless Start-up Software
Defragment System

I was wondering what your techniques are

01-26-2009, 09:02 PM
You read my mind, I was going to make a thread about this today but I forgot about it when I got caught up in some other things.

I typically will:
Clean out junk files
Scan and remove viruses/spyware/malware
Run HijackThis
Disable startup
Disable unneeded services
Defrag (sometimes Ill do this after I clean the junk if the computer is really slow and I'm not getting anything done watching it take eternity to do anything)
If the computer is dirty inside the case Ill open it up and clean out the dust and what not. If its one of my own computers sometimes Ill spend a bit of time getting every bit of dirtiness out of the computer.

That's pretty much the standard "speed up" well maybe a little more than "standard" All of that stuff is pretty simple to do. Does anyone have anything they do that is I guess you could call "the little stuff" anything you do that is maybe a little more advanced than the things the average user could do them self? I know you can tweak the Windows display settings but if you want Windows to look like it did when you first turned on the computer there's only soo much you can do.

One of the "little things" I do is set the page file to a constant size. Instead of it being system managed or "From X MB to Y MB" Ill set it "From X to X" That way the pagefile is a constant size and may use less resources if it doesn't have to change sizes. I typically go with the recommended 1.5 times the amount of RAM although Ill go with more or less depending on what the computer specs are like. (Give more if it has little RAM or much less if the computer has a good amount of RAM)