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09-08-2006, 12:41 AM
Hi, Im going to be starting up a small repair business run out of my apartment and I will travel on site to residentional and soho customers.

For you folks who own a similar business, do you have insurance or are you bonded?

I have to file personal bankrupty and insurers want insure me or will charge alot.

But i need protection aganist fire/theft liability.

What type of protection do you have if someone sues you from data loss, keep in mind I live in sue happy USA?

Do you have them sign a waiver stating your not liable for data loss if your doing a complicated job? Ive heard stories about this where this wiped out startup businesses because of lawsuits etc.

Need help on this thanks,
Jeff New Hampshire,USA

09-08-2006, 06:33 PM
Well I inform people if they want thier data backed up I can but they will pay for my time as well that if this solution might cause data loss then if they don't wish it to be backed up they are aware of this. I do onsites and basicly do this as a side job out of my home and I do not provide any insurance agianst data loss and such. I have not thought about fire or theft but the insurance for the home I live in might cover those lost items. I am careful about where I leave things so only time theft or fire is a possibility is in my home. I also do not tend to have a system for more then 2-3 days. If you are setting up a major business where you intend to have a larger customer base then I can see where insurance would come in handy as for data loss a waiver should be sufficient but I would offer a back of the systems you work on so that regardless of data loss the data is safe and make it a point of intrest if you know that you must do something that will erase data or potentially erase data. I do not concern myself with data loss due to thier faulty parts this is typically known before you do your work so it a minimal concern but a dying drive could die on you as you are working and if this loss of data was not caused by you but the device you really should not be help liable regardless of the fact you had it as it was the fault of the device and the manufacturer.