View Full Version : CES video coverage if anyone is interested

01-11-2009, 05:52 PM
We are carrying all three TPN video feeds from CES 2009 on The Force Field web portal. The first feed will be daily picks from the floor of CES. The second feed is a backchannel with behind-the-scenes footage covering the daily life of the TPN video crew and includes press and media events the general public doesn't usually experience. The third is a live UStream feed from the floor that will be up from time to time depending on availability of time and bandwidth.

The daily pick will be publicly accessible but the backchannel and live feeds will be in the members only areas for now. You will need to log in first to view them.

Since Consumer Electronics are becoming more prominent in the area of IT service and support you may find some of it interesting.

CES 2009 is January 8-11 in Las Vegas.