View Full Version : Foot mouse pointer goes off screen

09-02-2006, 01:49 AM

I have a severe case of RSI in both hands so I need to use my foot mouse.

It's a Hunter Digital foot mouse for a Mac but can be used on my IBM PC
with a aDB to usb imate adapter which has a cpu in it. Im aware that electronic disturbance near the CPU can cause problems so I keep it away from wires etc. the mouse doesn't come with its own driver so Windows XP Pro assigned an hid compliant mouse driver 2001version. But mouse usually works at first sometimes for a while but then it seems to go off any side of the screen no matter how much you fight it was sometimes it will just stop
in the only way I can get it back when I have these problems is reboot. Any suggestions would be appreciated to fix this I don't think it's ram I have 612 MB and 1.2 GHz processor plenty of space Ran virus and spy ware stuff in scan disk defrag etc.

Bryce W
09-02-2006, 03:06 AM
In my experience, when computer mice jump to the edge of the screen and get stuck it is typically due to a bad mouse. Have you tried this foot mouse on another PC? and if so, does it have the same problem?

I just Googled these footmouse. Looks interesting: