View Full Version : Speeding up your booting and minimizing RAM usage

10-28-2006, 07:01 AM
One can never have too much (free) RAM. As with quite a few short computer proverbs, this one holds almost too true. As years have passed from old operating systems, which used as little as 8 MB of RAM, something was bound to happen. Our dear Windows OS has turned from a resource hog by the standards of 486es to an even bigger resource hog of today's P4s and A64s. Despite all the new components and large-sized memories that are already measured in gigabytes, something always decides to hog up the RAM. Poof - instead of 1 GB of free RAM, you are lucky if you have half of that available. And if you're trying to run Windows XP on something as low as 256MB or even 128MB, even booting up becomes tedious.
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