View Full Version : Power pads on Macbook Pro early 2011

01-28-2012, 11:19 PM

Long story short: Yesterday my sister dropped her Macbook Pro 13" Model A1278 early 2011 version. The notebook powered off and now it won't turn on again. I'm not experienced with Macs but I applied myself to the task and disassembled the notebook to check for damage on the logic board after failing the usual tests (check power adapter, do a SMC reset, check for damage on the magsafe, etc). There isn't any noticeable damage on the logic board and all the cables and connectors are firmly attached. I guess the failure is down to two options:

1. The logic board is damaged and needs to be replaced.
2. The power button or keyboard is damaged and needs to be replaced.

I would like to make sure the keyboard is not the culprit of the problem before buying a new logic board (around $700 US Dlls). I read about some power pads present on every macbook which you can short out and turn on the machine without the keyboard present. However, the location of those is different on every logic board model and they aren't marked.

Does anyone experienced with Macs is able to give me a clue for the location of those power pads, so I can test the logic board before buying a new one?

Thank you in advance.