View Full Version : Anti Spam on Exchange 2010 in SBS 2011

01-11-2012, 04:43 PM
Hi Nibblers!
In exchange 2003, there was a feature that allowed you to give both rejection and move to junk folder a SCL (Spam Content Level) number. And was fairly easy to configure. Now in 2010 I cannot find where the "junk" option is... i see where to reject the message is, and there is an option to Quarantine messages to a givin mailbox that you tell it to deliver those messages to.

That being said. Any time I use the scanner the images get emailed to whom ever does the scan, but it is going to the Junk E-Mail in outlook. From outlook I have already said that this sender is not junk, blah blah blah. I must be missing something. Can anyone assist me one this one please. Your help is greatly appreciated.