View Full Version : Magic Jack Plus doesn't seem to get beyond the router.

11-06-2011, 12:14 PM
My client wants to use their Magic Jack Plus through a router to the Comcast cable modem so they can turn their desktop off and still have the phone connect.

After installing the MJP by connecting to external power, to router with new working cable, connected phone, router hands out DHCP to MJP. Browser still goes out to internet, ipconfig shows correct addressing no APIPA addresses and can ping out no problem.

Started software on computer and it comes up like it MJP not connected at all and needs to be installed. But the software sees it when it is direct connected to the USB using PNP. Magic Jack support chat tells me to connect it directly to the cable modem while I'm talking to them, DUH! I tell him if I do that it will stop the chat, next thing I know he's closed the chat. So evidently it is not being seen from the outside world. These MJP's are a PIA if you know what I mean, anybody got any ideas?