View Full Version : Failover Server

10-02-2011, 04:38 PM
Hey folks,
I've tried reading up on the info I found while Googling the subject. Most of it only talks about clusters and setups on the same network and what not.

What I am looking for is an easy setup (and free if at all possible) that should my main server fail, or Internet go down etc. that whenever someone tries to access my domain or that of one of my clients it will automatically send them to Server 2 which is offsite and has a backup of server 1.

now I don't need server 2 to mirror with the main server to be 100% exactly the same. I do most of the updates manually, and would in theory server 2 would have the same anyway. Although it would be nice to have it done automatically if its easy enough.

Any help is greatly appreciated.