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08-12-2008, 11:59 PM
Yes I saw the article saying it was free today... thought I would add a few notes here....

MaximumPC Special Issue - Spring 2008

Under their Internet Security 2.0 article, this software is listed as UNAPPROVED!

It focuses on web browsing, leaving email, im clients and other connected applications exposed.

What did MaximumPC recommend instead?

Trustware BufferZone Pro - http://www.trustware.com/index.php?id=products_home - $40/year

PC Tools Threat Fire - http://www.threatfire.com/download/ - $FREE

08-13-2008, 08:50 AM
Although I downloaded it and will give it a try since it's free I fail to see what is special about this program that I can't get from freebies. This guy at this site agrees.


Personally if I was ultra paranoid (and I was at a time) I would use Firefox with NoScript and Flash Block add-ons, and even maybe the Stealther one as well. There is a good KeyScrambler add-on too that's free and supposedly works for key loggers. Only problem is that nothing blocks key loggers one hundred percent and the fact that you are connected to a network will always make that true considering new threats come out all the time. Next I would download and use Sandboxie to sandbox firefox and only allow my bookmark's through, or not depending on your paranoia level. And if you are really paranoid add in something like Shadow User that writes any changes to a virtual file instead of the real filesystem and when you reboot, tada it's all back to how it was. This all assumes there isn't some super virus/trojan that can bypass all this, however you can do all this with freebie's (except Shadow User) so why bother. I suppose an all-in-one for the lazy people, but we all know what happen's with all-in-one suite's, they suck at it all! Specialize and be GREAT at it is my motto.

And if you want a much safer experience go Linux with Firefox and the add-ons. Granted someone could install a key logger or whatnot, but I think the bigger fish are elsewhere.