View Full Version : advise me - GApps email bkp svc - what do you recommend?

07-07-2011, 04:06 PM

i have a client that desires to switch from their current email system and move to Google Apps

but they are a financial services company and in order to remain compliant with "RIA" they must maintain backups of their email for five years

i'm being asked which service i recommend of these three...
- postini (http://www.google.com/postini/email.html)
- the service they're currently using - email advisor (http://www.advisoremail.com/services/advisor-email-archiving-for-compliance-and-ediscovery.html)
- and backupify (http://www.backupify.com/)

i don't have experience with any of those three

i'm wondering if anybody here can share their experience - good or bad - with any or all of these services

here's "my" gut feeling -- stick with what they've already got -OR- since postini is "google" and google apps is "google"... just stick with what's easiest - "google"

but.. that's why i'm posting up here - surely someone out there has dealt with these services - maybe even had to recover from an incident (that would be good to know too!)