View Full Version : Router Bridge (DGN3500)

06-15-2011, 08:09 AM

I am having some problems at the moment getting this configuration right, so at the moment I have a DGN3500 and a hardware firewall. Currently I have the DGN3500 in modem mode and I have an Ethernet wire running from one of the lan ports on the DGN3500 to the wan port on the firewall. This makes a connection and the internet works fine.

Now I want to setup wireless on this network to, so I have run another Ethernet wire from one of the other lan ports on the DGN3500 to a lan port on the firewall BUT as soon as I do this I loose the connection to the internet and firewall (I can still reach the dgn3500 admin interface though) but can't reach the firewall interface.

I assume if I am using the DGN3500 as modem I can also not plug it into another port to use the wireless on it? am I going to have to use yet another router in bridge mode to create a wireless connection?

DGN3500 is set to (within firewalls DHCP Range)
Firewalls gateway/web gui is:

Any ideas?