View Full Version : Poser supply on turns on all fans, drives, but no display. Case power on does nothing

06-10-2008, 05:29 PM
Hi all, I just tried replacing my video card yesterday, which I've done at least a hundred times before. Unfortunately, this time something went wrong.

After I screwed in the video card, hooked everything back up, put the case back together, I plugged in the power chord to the Power Supply, and switched it on.

At this point, at least for how my computer has been before, nothing should happen. The LED's should come on, but no fans should turn on until the power button on front of the case is pressed.

Unfortunately, as soon as I turn on the power supply, all the fans start going. I can even open the cd drive. The blue LED on front of the case to indicate power/busy does not come on. The power on switch on the case does nothing. I get no display at all, and I'm completely stumped on what to do.

I've taken out all peripherals, both HD's, CD drive, all but 1 stick of ram, and even the video card, but every time I turn on the power supply in the back of the case, everything starts whirring. I just don't think it's a real bootup (no display), and I can't understand why just turning on the power supply to allow power to come through is automatically turning everything on and ignoring the case power button.

I would be so utterly amazed if anyone could help me. You would save my year. Any help would be extremely appreciated.


CPU: AMD X2 4200+
RAM: 2G DDR2 400
new vid card: EVGA NVIDIA 8800 GT
old vid card: ATI x850
PSU: Thermaltake TR2-500PP. 500 watts

06-10-2008, 10:56 PM
What was the situation before? Same video card, different card, or none?

Make sure the power switch isn't shorting out, remove it and use a paperclip to simulate it. If that doesn't help, take everything out of the case, and put the bear minimums together on a table. If the problem still happens, inspect the motherboard for any places it could short (which should be easier to look at now its laying on the table). If the problem doesn't occur, start adding parts until it does. If it still works with all parts, then it was probably how the mobo was seated in the case.