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03-30-2011, 09:44 PM
Alright so I need help as to which college major will be the best for my interests. First off I love computers and want to make a career out of it. To basically explain what I want to do, I'll use the show NCIS as an example. I would love to have a job similar to McGee's or Abby's.(I know that the actual job isn't like theirs every single day) Basically I want to have a government job that helps solve/prevent terrorism or any crime. Is computer science the major that I need to pursue? I've also heard about the Computer Forensics Major at some colleges, but there is only one college here in Virginia where I live.(It is expensive too.)

So I was just wondering what you guys think I should do in college as far as Major/Minor.

Thanks in advance :)

anonymous Mac Tech
03-30-2011, 10:30 PM
I don't watch the show. This (http://www.emich.edu/cot/undergrad_ia.htm) is from my alma mater. Not what I majored in, but I did get a degree from the College of Technology. But IMHO, if you are looking for a degree in just forensics or information assurance, that seems like it would be too narrow of a focus for what you'd actually want. You'd probably be better of with either a more traditional degree like something in forensics or pathology for a variety of reasons. For one, I think the people hiring you would be more impressed with a degree in the science of forensics rather than a degree in the technology that is used in it. Another reason is these programs like the one I listed are not time tested yet. You will likely be competing for jobs against graduates of traditional programs, with traditional minded hiring managers. Their thought process will likely be to go towards the traditional program graduates. It would seem to them that the science needs to be learned in the classroom, the technology used in it can be taught on the job.

03-31-2011, 02:13 AM
If you dig the cyber defense scene, you definitely need to get into Computer Science. This has heavy emphasis on programming languages, security practices, etc. Computer/Network Engineering is more on the physical side of things, like designing and implementing large networks from scratch.

So if you want to be the person in the Air Force commercial making satellites avoid collisions with meteors, go into Computer Science. If you want to do this (http://i.imgur.com/xEtzu.jpg), go into Computer/Network Engineering.

04-27-2011, 10:27 AM
See if you can get an IT major with a Criminal Justice Minor.

The big part of forensics is how to handle evidence properly. Anyone can be taught to "Find the kiddy porn" or "Go through the deleted files".

It takes a bit of time to learn the ways of doing so where it's documented properly, a proper chain of evidence, and is admissible in court.