View Full Version : What's on your BartPE/UBCD4WIN disk?

05-12-2008, 11:28 PM
Hello, I'm hoping this thread can be a valuable resource to users of BartPE/UBCD4WIN disks.

I'd like to pose two questions:

1) What extra plugins & software have you added to your BartPE/UBCD4WIN disks? (please only include plugins you've added personally, not stock ones that come with UBCD4WIN or BartPE)

2) What software do you frequently use off of your bartpe/ubcd4win disks?

This is posted in the Guides, Tips and Tricks forum. This is meant to primarily be a resource, not a help topic.

I'll start.

Custom plugins:
SuperAntispyware v4 (found on 911cd forums, had troubles with builtin UBCD4WIN plugin)
Avira Antivir PE8 (found on emro.nl/bartpe/ , builtin UBCD4WIN plugin seems to support Antivir 7 only?)

Software I use most on my disk:
-Avira Antivir
-FAB's Autobackup

05-20-2008, 05:36 AM
I have not really had time to add anything, the default seems to give me what I need most of the time.

If I was to do any customization I would take a lot of plugins out so It boots faster. I noticed that ubcd4win loads a lot slower then my old bartpe disks, but it does have a lot of nice things in it that my old bartpe doesn't and seems to be a little easier to configure too.

oh I would like to use acronis but I am not sure about all the legalities of it yet. I was going to buy the home edition of it but not sure if I can use that on a cd like ubcd4win and use it on customer computers.

I might just wait till I get my office and buy the enterprise edition.

05-20-2008, 10:12 PM
I'm currently trying to get in touch with someone from Acronis. Their online tech support people gave me a phone number to call. They weren't able to help me at all.

I'll pass on whatever info I can get on licensing. Hopefully this local guy will have answers.

I'll stick with my free/open source backup software in the mean time.

Just got off the phone with a local Acronis representative. Technician-type licenses are no longer even available.

He said I'd need a license for every single computer I worked on. So much for using Acronis.

And now off the image you go...

07-10-2008, 08:15 AM
I'm not a coder (beyond quickbasic...) so I don't do much editing of it.

So... What I would LOVE to have on it is ComboFix, SmitfraudFix and HijackThis. Actually HJT might be on it but my last client gave me a coke and now I'm up 3 hours later than normal. I'm not used to this.

What I do use all the time is Avira Antivir.

I need to give TestDisk a shout because it just saved my butt when SpinRite ruined the MBR on a SATA drive :mad:. TestDisk was able to put everything back together :D so I could pull the data off. Before that it was completely unreadable.