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04-18-2008, 05:46 AM
That's it. I have not met a rational person who could explain it otherwise. Hindsight considered, I must have a bit of Tim Taylor in me to a multifaceted extreme. No matter how I build things, whatever it may be, it'll be a huge PITA. When you are young, you just want it faster/stronger/better. Of course it is the natural way of life that you will employ the quickest, duct-tape riddled, least expensive method possible.

For example: A 16 year old wants to make his 1995 Honda Prelude faster, but he's a little short on cash, which is shocking. He checks craigslist, and finds a 250hp NOS kit for $100 bucks, and buys it. Now, he doesn't know/doesn't care that this kit was made for a very nicely built Chevrolet 454 that is all-iron, and his Prelude is a 138 of aluminum. I'm not gonna say it isn't fun to have your engine turn into a frag grenade........well, yes I am......it isn't fun.

Anyhow. I'm getting distracted. I'm familiar with the fact that any "high performance" mechanism requires design, fore-thought, and intelligence. I went through 5 Ford Mustangs, including a Mystic 96 Cobra that I LOVED, but didn't put enough time into my brain to foresee the inevitable result each time. Hence, my last Mustang + my current computer setup.

My last mustang registered 690 horsepower at the wheels on 93 octane gas. I smoked everything I saw on the road for 6 months. I had a $125 double-layer valve spring break WHILE IDLING, totally wrecking a $9000 DART engine. I can see it now, my computer is headed the same direction. I have an AMD X2 6000+ on an Asus M2N-E (forgive me, PC Gods) motherboard, 4GB Corsair XMS 6400 (800mhz) RAM, ATI Radeon HD 2600 512MB, 4x 500GB SATA 3GB/s HDD, 2 DVD Burners, Soundblaster Audigy 2 sound-card.

I am on my 3rd attempt at keeping this system cool. I'm already about to send this MoBo in for RMA because ACPI isn't playing nicely with........everything. I have tried the cheap Thermaltake HSF, worthless. Next came the Thermaltake VR-1 HSF, which has got to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen, but the concept spoke to me, still too hot. Now I'm using an older Koolance PC2 case, which is new to me, but kinda cool at the same time (no pun intended). So, now I'm watercooled and still idling around 49C.

I'm sending in the board for RMA tomorrow, and will be using my old K8N-SLI rig in the meantime. I'll let you know what happens when I get this horrid motherboard back.

Never seen such a thorough BIOS without a CPU warning temperature function. Good grief.

04-18-2008, 01:25 PM
Thats odd. The only way I could see getting a CPU temp of 49c is if your heatsink was not seated fully, or your overclocking the hell out of it. Maybe the sensor is off.

04-18-2008, 02:32 PM
I think gunslinger is on the right track I have an AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black over clocked to 2.8 GHz may take it up to 3.1GHz in a media center styled case. I will tell you it maxes out at like 56C under stress testing at 3.1GHz and I just firgured it would be safer and better to run it at 2.8GHz. I have included my systems specs and I think under load ~56C is good but ~49C idle and on water cooling its gotta be something wrong.

Thermaltake VF1000BNS Black
AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition (65W AM2 2.6GHz Brisbane)
Arctic Cooling Alpine 7 CPU Cooler
Lite-On 20x DVD+/-RW w/ Lightscribe
Seagate Barracuda 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s
2GB(2 x 1GB) G.Skill DDR2-800 PC6400
EVGA GeForce 8600GTS 512MB
Thermaltake 700W Modular PSU
ASUS M2NPV-VM Motherboard
AuzenTech XPlosion 7.1 PCI Sound Card

04-18-2008, 03:55 PM
Man, I really got to ranting last night, huh. Ha.

The board is being RMA'd because from the get-go it wouldn't let me install PC-Probe 2, said the ACPI driver install failed, so there's a bad channel in there somewhere. I went over this with Asus over the phone, and I have a case number now.

I'm NOT overclocking this setup right now. When I use CPU Mark, it says my processor is at 100% ALL THE TIME, both cores. It shows OS load at approx 0%, all the time. Weird. But task manager shows the CPU at between 1% and 5%. I'm going to install X64 on one of my SATAs just for grins, once I get this thing back. I was (along with a bunch of you, I'm sure) a beta-tester for x64 back in 03-04. I hope it's better now.


04-20-2008, 07:12 AM
Well, I took the system apart today, after making a trip to my local parts supplier. I bought a small bottle of coolant with a UV reactive mixture to compliment my UV lights. I'm running at exactly the same temp on both cores as before.

There was a lot of gunk built into the cooling lines, it almost looked like algea. The Zalman CPU block, fortunately, was capable of disassembly. And, I did so, cleaning any gunk I found, which wasn't much. I refilled the system using 0.5 Liter of distilled water, with the coolant stuff I bought mixed in. It really isn't all that UV reactant, but with a bright room it is a nice bright green color, LOL. As my daughter would say: "It's pretty."

I really expected a little improvement. I'm idling right now at 45C. The mobo is going out on Monday for RMA, and I'll be designing/building my own water cooling setup. I've always been good at stuff like that, and it'll be fun. I'm already in the process of building my first full-acrylic case, in anticipation of getting my post-RMA mobo. Man, I never should've stopped smoking dope, I'm sure I would have found more humor in this situation back then. Ha.

Have a lovely weekend, yall. Enjoy family, and the knowledge that we (as techs) have infinite job security. God Bless digital anarchy.


04-20-2008, 04:31 PM
Hear! Hear! LoL, great thread!

04-21-2008, 05:08 AM
I have a little news with regards to my cooling problem. Today I did a little case modding, and I've seen an overall temp drop of 5C, which is a good start. I added a 120mm cooler master fan where one of my DVD burners used to reside. The radiator/heat exchanger sits on top of the computer, so it pulls air through the radiator, and out the top via 3 80mm fans. After thinking about it, I realized there was not a lot of room for cool air to enter above both DVD drives, and thus, my result:


Keep in mind I hadn't put everything back together yet. It is nice to see some results, and to have some light shed on the correct path to follow for success with water-cooling for me.

Maybe I'm not cursed, (knocks on wood, throws salt over shoulder, buys more rum).....