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12-22-2010, 10:23 PM

I started looking at Craigslist in a different light today as I searched for a high quality laser printer. I found one that suited me so I sent an email. The fellow returned my call and we spoke for about half an hour about the machine, how he used it, why he was getting rid of it and much more. Over that 30 mins we built up somewhat of a rapport (which is the first big step in any sales relationship - as is the theory @ best buy, Gander Mountain, Dick's, Circuit City, and many more). I did a little digging as to whether they might be in need of any IT support work and they said they just might. After viewing their website I found it to be very top quality and they designed it and coded it themselves! I was really impressed. I plan to follow up and see if I can work out some type of relationship where I do work for them and I provide services and bandwidth for their music video magazine.

So, from a simple email and a return call I just started what could be a very symbiotic/synergistic business relationship. It would have never happened had I been shy or bashful about asking some minor probing questions into his business and later their situation with IT. Now they know that I am good at what i do and I am going to review their site to look for exploits which I can later advise upon. Pretty simple. I learn from looking through his coding - I learn exploits and the coding language.

Well, we will see where this leads.

Has anyone else thought of using Craigslist or another online forum to find potential clients? I would also think that going through the "services" sections may bee a good idea. You would have to pose as a potential customer, maybe even trade your service for what they are offereing. It would be great to get a "ring of professionals" who all advertise for each other, maybe a 11"x8" piece of paper with 12 spots on it, each for a different occupation, one being yours.

Does anyone do this sort of thing or have any ideas on how to expand upon it? Maybe other sources than Craigslist?

12-22-2010, 11:36 PM
look into BNI, it is exactly what you described in your last paragraph

12-23-2010, 12:13 AM
look into BNI, it is exactly what you described in your last paragraph

Thanks for the suggestion. I am looking into it as we type/read :D

12-23-2010, 01:23 AM
Nobody buys from a salesman. But they will buy from a friend. :-)
Make friends first, sales will come :-)

I use facebook, which is big my my area for a lot of this. I know I've seen CTG on here talk about using LinkedIn. Its not big here, but in some areas thats THE place to connect with other business owners and professionals.