View Full Version : If you can't do anything, at least save their files

04-15-2008, 03:48 AM
Just a tip if you ever run into a situation where there's nothing you can do with someones computer, or it's just plain not worth fixing: Back up their files for them or transfer them to their new computer.

For example, a customer dropped off her laptop and I spent hours trying to track down the problem, repaired the DC jack and then went to reinstall XP. Unfortunately the laptop froze in the middle every time and I tried everything I could but the laptop was just unusable. I just ended up copying all her files to a couple DVDs and therefore was able to get her important files back to her, and still provide a chargeable service (make sure you also note on the invoice the time spent trying to repair the computer with the associated discount for not being able to solve the issue.)

Just today I received a referral from that client at which I spent over 3 hours on-site. At the end I asked how the customer got my name, and it was the client with the above laptop.

Always good to make customers happy, hope this is useful to somebody :D