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04-08-2008, 07:33 AM
I have a question regarding both of these two apps. Offline Updater and Autopatcher. I understand the basic of how they work but this is my question.

Say I have a computer I am reinstalling xp sp1 on. I have SP2 downloaded already so I want to patch this new system up.

Do I Install sp1 then sp2 then run the autopatcher updater or the offline updater?

Or do I run the autpathcer/offline updater then sp1 then the autopatcher/offline updater again then sp2, then one of the autopatchers again to ensure its updated?

I know certain updates wont be installed by the two autopatcher/offline updater programs unless the required service pack is installed.

The reason I ask is I dont want to redownload the service packs again with these two programs and just use the download I have already since its a big download.

Dont know if I explained what I intended above but someone get my drift?

04-08-2008, 08:46 AM
I would install SP2 first and then Offline Updater. SP2 contains all the necessary updates that were released since SP1. Auotpatcher is a bit reduntant now as the last release was way back in August 2007.

If you're doing a fresh install of windows though, you should slipstream SP2 onto your install CD. Easily done with nLite and will save loads of time in the long run. Infact whilst you're at it, slipstream as many windows updates as you possibly can too, again using nLite.