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11-03-2010, 12:28 AM
Hello all!

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So, in the quest for a good, decent CRM program--we have finally given up. The ones that are good are just too expensive, some of the good ones are decent priced but the features aren't really there, most are too complex and require too much time to configure as knowledge of PHP, etc is required to customize. We have tried some open source solutions but alot of these guys have alot of bugs and don't have much of a community to help analyze, improve and code.

So, my company has decided to move forward and develop a NO NON-SENSE CRM whose primary goal is to address the features, installation, GUI design and COST that makes sense to facilitate.

We are starting with a mobile technician interface that will allow managers and mobile technicians to work from on-site using integrated features such as Log-In/Log-Out, using triangalation or certain GPS interfaces that will show the tech's routes and track mileage. Invoices, estimates, calendar, new client, add jobs--the usual!
As time goes on, we will start working on adding an in-shop module.

On important thing we are looking to do is to have a Network Scanner (for inventory of the clients network), a Warranty Center where the Tech can input Warranty info in where the system will notify the tech that the warranty period is approaching so the tech can inform that customer to have the hardware checked out in case the Hard Drive is in low health, etc--you can call the manufacturer to see what Warranty options are available....helpful things like that.
We are looking to add graphical maps of the clients entire setup with a quick inventory view display next to it. Additionally, a very focused area for businesses that documents their entire office, network and system.

Of course we haven't started yet but we are scheduled to start the initial front-end interface blueprint this weekend and base the back-end off that.

I want to make this something that is designed for all of us. We are starting with the Mobile aspect because that is the majority of our business. Again, we are just frustrated and baffled at some of the ridiculousness that is the CRM for computer repair available.

I am telling you this because I love this community and I want to your ideas, suggestions and comments that you would think would be great for a new CRM system to have. We are not looking for those out there to say we can't do it or the market is saturated--just don't respond! lol

What features would you like to see in a CRM designed JUST FOR COMPUTER businesses? Of course, most ideas are common sense but if you have a thought that would improve on a common variable...tell us!

will this be open-source? We are debating but for now, we just want to start laying the groundwork for development and when we have a functional ALPHA/BETA RC...we will figure that out.....

Look forward to hearing your ideas...tell us what frustrates you, what idea would be cool (whether or not it is doable at this moment in technology--never know when the ability will become available)

Either way, wish us luck and we would value your input!

11-04-2010, 02:32 AM
Along the same lines of your network scanner idea. I've always wanted to be able to capture specs of computer(s) owned by clients and store them on a crm.

Say someone comes in, you run some app like speccy, everest, siw or your own custom script on it and save a report to your crm.
Next time they call, you immediately have a view of the computer they bought in last time.

I often take specs down anyway but can't link it to any crm that I've found.

11-06-2010, 02:02 AM
thanks! yes, that is one function that is on top of our list. We are looking into several already established codes that can do this as per your examples as well as allowing the option where the tech can upload an output file up into the CRM. One thing we are trying to do is create a *call function that when you upload a file i.e. Dell w/ Intel CPU...it will display the respective image of the product, vendor, etc.

Another thing we are looking to do is to use these inventories to create a system state timeline that will show changes in applications, drivers, etc...so, if another tech is looking at the specs--they can see what was done on the last job.

We are trying to link our database query to certain distributors for certain parts such as LCD's, etc. Of course, we have to try to see if we can get permission to interface on their their database. Would be nice if we could do that too. We will see...

1st Call Sussex IT
11-08-2010, 12:36 AM
Tried CommitCRM? That's designed just for computer businesses