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03-12-2008, 09:42 PM
At my current work place, we use Prosoft Eng.'s Data Rescue II for our preliminary data recovery before dumping the hdd off to Ontrack. I have noticed a lot of you guys are recommending or using GetDataBack, so I am trying to debate on which to get for my business at home.

Now with Data Rescue II, we generally can slave or USB the drive to our test bed and use the bootable CD to start the recovery process. After it boots up, the application asks for a destination drive and begins it's scan, after which we can choose what we want to recover. Now, during the scan if the application feels the drive is damaged, it will request we use it's built in clone application, before scanning further at the risk of truly killing the drive. The only issue I genuinely have with the application is, the files recovered are always named some generic name, so you don't really know which file is which after it is done, other than the type of file it is. The second slight issue is, the destination hdd always needs to be formated fat32 right before the recovery, but I could live with that.

My question is, does GetDataBack include these features and improve on them over what I described? Do the recovery files come back with their original name? Also, is the application bootable on CD, or is it ran in Windows only?

I will probably end up trying the application myself, but wanted a general idea first, from hands-on users. Thanks.

03-13-2008, 08:15 PM
GetDataBack allows you to use the software, and it will show you exactly what it will do. If you are happy with the results shown, you can then pay by credit card.

I bought NTFS.