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10-05-2010, 07:17 AM
I have been up and running since last December, and have gone through a few iterations of my site. I started off pretty plain... and asked for comments here back in May.

Since then I have completely re-done the site design (premium wordpress theme and a bit of content creation... as well as an infatuation with stock exchange).

So... I ask if you will give my site a look, and provide me with your feedback on what would be improved/modified to make this 100%

Thanks to anybody who gives their time to help a fellow tech!

http://www.rhinetech.com :)

10-05-2010, 08:17 AM
Most of the time when I'm critiquing a members site, I'll take a quick look over it for less than 30 seconds; for the fact being that first impressions last ..

Thats an awesome wordpress theme you chose there.

What I would change..

Obviously the content isn't 100% finished .. a bit of info under the last 3 headers at the bottom..

And the footer needs worked on.. It drags on at the bottom there.. Heaps of black space. Just shrink that up a bit, so it finished a cm or two from the bottom of the Wordpress logo at the bottom

Center the buttons under Social Media.

And create some buttons for the 'Testimonials' and 'Legal' to fit in with the other buttons of your social media. Make all those 3 boxes the same size, and voila ! There will be your 100%.

Top job there rhinetech.