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10-02-2010, 01:01 PM
I had a nice 'slow PC' job yesterday which I thought I'd share.

Client complains of her machine running real slow and hanging intermitently. Its a 3 year old desktop running Vista which the customer had recently restored to factory default out of sheer frustration with it. When I showed up it all seemed to be running fine, so I checked the usual suspects like the disk smarts, TM, temperatures, Memtest etc etc and nothing immediatly obvious shows up although the machine only had 1GB of RAM installed and was using over 700MB after startup.

So I start to go into my usual routine about 1GB being the minimum amount for Vista let alone NAV etc etc and advise the client that they should consider purchasing an upgrade to at least 2GB.

Then suddenly the machine just reboots and when it comes back up its running like a real dog. I look again at TM and it reports that the machine now only has 512MB RAM !! - I run SIW and its clear its got 2x512MB DIMMs installed so it appears she has a bad DIMM thats only working intermittently - not seen memory modules just dissappear like that before!