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02-17-2008, 11:47 PM
Hi again,

I was just wondering what sort of stock you guys carry, in terms of replacement components and accessories? My toolbox has a few odds and ends in it (couple of new fans, jumpers, various screws and blanking plates) and I've alsways got a keyboard an mouse in the boot of my car, but at the moment that's about it.

Obviously if I'm going to be doing repairs on a commercial basis, I'm going to be looking to hold stock of at least a few common components, so I'd like your opinions on my thoughts so far, and also anything that you hold;

Keyboards and mice (probably about 5 of each - I like the idea of buying some cheap 'beige' products, and some trnasfers with my company logo)
HDD's (Couple of 80GB or 120GB)
Memory (selection of different modules, 512MB and 1GB)
Leads (Kettle, USB, VGA, DVI, audio, IDE, SATA, power etc.)
CMOS batteries
Fans (I already carry a couple)
DVDRW's (theiy're cheap as chips these days don't think it would do any harm to have a couple of swapouts available)
PSU's (3 or 4, different types)

Probably looking to invest a few hundred pounds in total, so that I've got a good selection on stock.


02-25-2008, 08:03 PM
Looks like a good list. Most of the components i carry, i also keep a few power supplys on hand and an extra computer case. I dont know if id recommend carrying memory, price changes so fast on it if you have it longer than a week you lose money on it, i know first hand. Just a tip or two.