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02-05-2008, 05:04 PM
Hi all, today i had a call out to a woman that has had no connection to the internet since she moved house i did the usual checks from router settings to her login name e.t.c. heck i even phoned simmy for advice :p we both agreed that she should move away from aol.

anyway she phones Aol and we explained the problems to them and the guy on the phone transferred us to a supervisor called connor who was based in ireland (nice bloke wont forget his name)

it turns out that there were 2 aol accounts on the same phone line it seems that when the previous tenent left she hadnt taken her phone number with her and she had aol aswell. so the current tenent has her telephone number. reliasing this connor then explained that the system was never designed to take this into account so he then created a new login and password for her account to get around the problem.

I changed the details into the router configuration and walll laaaaa the connection now works :eek:

Connor even said it was a very unsual situation as it shouldn't have happened and is giving the customer a free month on AOL, all the time it was bloody AOL's fault, talking to aol is difficult though as your always put through to an indian call centre and they dont understand at all even though we explained to them on sunday about connection issues and it takes one guy from ireland to correct the problem in minutes.

so if you ever get a customer with AOL problems and you cant get the connection to work even though you have done all usual checks my advice is to call AOL and ask to speak to a supervisor as you will then be routed to someone like connor, I'd like to thank simmy for taking the time to speak to me as he was very kind to me and my customer. :)

once the main connection was fixed i set up a wireless connection on her daughter's laptop and everyone was happy :D

what a day lol :p

thanks again Simmy for your input if it werent for you we wouldnt have contacted aol again and said she was cancelling and wouldnt have been put through to connor the supervisor *thumbs up*

02-05-2008, 09:14 PM
Good advice. thanks for sharing.

02-05-2008, 09:15 PM
It sounds like they have broad band which as far as I know in the US AOL does not offer thier own broad band service. Here you have to get service via your cable or phone company and AOL just offers thier "services" being they will let you install and run thier bloated spying pos browser and let you use thier email system. Bottom line here in the US to my knowledge unless your on dialup there is no reason at all to use AOL.