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02-05-2008, 03:56 PM
I am renovating my basement and I now have a 12' x 12' space just for myself. I service residential clients. What I want to know is, How would you build a computer repair office in your home?

1. What is your must haves list:
Layout - Benches/Monitors/Tools/Home LAN-Rack layout ect.

2. What is your wish list (if you had $$$)

3. Also what do you what in your mobile medic bag for housecalls.

I will compile your input and make a complete list in a PDF and repost the results.

Thanks for your time,

MYPCGUY - Everyboby needs a GUY!

Nathan H
02-05-2008, 05:18 PM
To begin with i would have lots of Surfaces....

What I have is:
A shelf or 3 for my books.
Another set of shelves for my office / Legal paperwork
- A work surface in a "U" shape
I have my area with my PC/Printer?etc.... on
I have a writing Area
and i have stations set out to set PC/Laptops on
Station 1: I have a TFT monitor a PS2 Keyboard and PS2 mouse, a power cable, connected to a surge protector and a network cable attached to my switch.

Th 2nd & 3rd Stations are similar except I have an old CRT monitor set with a PS2 Keyboard and PS2 mouse through a KVM.

All three stations have an anti static bench mat.

The switch has no direct access to my pc, but it is connected to my router.
so I can have access to the net.

I have a strip light in the roof and 3 desk lamps for each station.

I have 2 fire extinguishers, 1=electrical fires, and the other is a general purpose extinguisher.

I also have an eye wash station on the wall (Long story... but i got dirt in my eye once while cleaning out a pc with compressed air.) I also have a set of eye goggles.

I have a wheeled pc chair with a high back.

My telephone, A TV with Video and DVD player connected and a small FM radio.

I have numerous stack n store tubs with all my spares and accessories in.
Which are clearly labelled and stuck on the front.

I also have a shredder which can shred CD's, A Laminator and my CD / DVD storage unit.

I Have a pretty standard call-out kit, fairly similar to Gregg's(Previously Posted) but i also have a USB DVD RW which is dual Layer Dual format - some of my clients have only cd drives or only DVD+ /DVD- drives
along with that i have a USB external HDD 250 GB which has most of my software collection on, not to mention my huge E-Book collection on it, a laptop to standard IDE Hard Drive converter and a n external SATA to USB caddy

then the other luxuries in my office are, my coffee machine, my refrigerator, and my microwave oven..

02-05-2008, 05:50 PM
Thanks for telling me about your set-up. I'll lookup Gregg's call-out kit. Could you tell me what is in your E-Book collection? Is it repair/troubleshooting reference material? Where can I aquire these? Sounds like a great asset to have.

MYPCGUY - Everybody needs a guy!

02-05-2008, 09:22 PM
If you plan on doing more then one pc repair at a time, or have more then one at your shop, then I would have the bench sectioned off so you can segregate the computers you are working on. Also would be nice to have a nice built in section possibly in each segregation to hold screws etc. when taking a pc apart so you know which computer they went to and wont lose them.

Also make sure your power management is nice and user friendly/safe and can handle what ever you plan on hooking up to it. Nice lighting makes it ore comfortable taking apart computers too.

Also you may look into a KVM hooked up to your troubleshooting desktop as it can be helpful if you are running test from it or need to research things.

None of it important but nice to have.

Bryce W
02-07-2008, 12:52 PM
Thanks for telling me about your set-up. I'll lookup Gregg's call-out kit.

Here is a link to Greggh's kit: