View Full Version : Is your computer repair business full time or part time?

02-04-2008, 07:27 PM
Hi all, just curious how many run their business full time and how many do this as a side job, part time? For me i'm doing this part time, I would love to do it full time but I don't know if the money is there.

What do you make in a year and how many years are you in business? Do you have a store front location or work from home?

I've been in business for since July 2007, had about 100 call outs since then and only made about $8500.00 (usd), I'm an doing this part time as I work full time 8-5pm so all clients are after 5pm or weekends. All my work is done onsite or picked up and returned next day.

My only source of advertisements is my website, search engines, and couple internet sources. I do not advertise in paper or anywhere else.

I want to open a store front and have a repair location, but since i'm a one man show this would be very difficult to do and I'm afraid to loose my on-site clients. I guess with the right advertising and good work people will come and come back.

02-04-2008, 08:24 PM
Started out in 1997 part-time, it was really only a hobby. I was working in healthcare at the time, the money and conditions were good and I often had a lot of days off since we worked 13 hour night-shifts. In 2002 I had quite a few customers from my part-time work and decided to go full time which I did in 2003. I work from an extension to my house and employ two others, one tech and one admin. My T/O last year was 260,000 + approx 15K in cash (straight into the back pocket!!) on which I made 70000 salary tax paid. We're now billing about 50 hours per week @ 80/hr. I'm MCP and SMB certified and my other tech is on his way to both which will allow us to become a MS Small Business Solutions Provider. Our customers are now about 95% small businesses with less than 20 PC's. One customer larger with about 10 specialised servers and 50 workstations. Almost all of my customers are within a 5 mile radius of base. We don't do any retail although customers do drop off PC's for service. We don't do any fixed rate work, everything is by the hour. I'm currenlty looking at taking on a full time salesperson and (if they work out) another tech at which time I'll have to scale back my own tech. hours - more admin. We don't advertise at all, all business comes via referrals and business networking, i.e. BNI, Chamber of Commerce etc. We're still doing some domestic work but have managed to drop most of it by raising our rates. If a few people aren't complaining about price then you're charging too little :)

Sorry that this rambles so much........

02-04-2008, 09:35 PM
It's not rambling I found it very interesting.
My business just kicked off today after months of planning, with me delivering a thousand leaflets to homes in my area. I'm working from home, I don't see the need to have a workshop at this time. My main customer base is residential at the moment but I intend to move towards targeting businesses after I have been established in the market (because that's where the money is - also I don't forsee a long term future for residential computer repair).
Seedubya, could you expand a bit more on how you got those business customers without advertising?

02-04-2008, 10:35 PM
In the beginning, like everyone, it was just domestic work. Dropping flyers and waiting for calls. Sweating every week to see if I'd break even or could pay myself something. My first business customer was a guy whose home PC I fixed. Turned out he was the main graphic designer in a local print company who had three PC's and a couple of mac's, he persuaded his boss to try me. I did some good work for his boss and asked him for referrals, he gave me the names of guys he knew locally in business said call them and mention my name. Pretty much all of them heard me out and I got a couple more business customers. I joined the Chamber of Commerce and they did a new member feature on me, got some more. Then I joined BNI a business networking group (expensive but worth it). Every time I visited a business premises I would call to the five doors on either side and drop off a card and a leaflet with the receptionist. Sometimes you get lucky and they need something fixed there and then. Other times everything goes straight in the bin as soon as you leave. I've had people call me 2 years after I dropped in a card. I spend way too much time on every job and talk to everyone from the receptionist to the boss. If it's quiet I drop in to see that everything's OK. I try to keep my face or logo in front of them at least once a month. I go seriously out of my way to do favours every time I get the chance. It all comes back around twofold. I give free advice, don't charge for small jobs. But I also don't drop my chargeable rate for anyone, my price is my price and no haggling. People don't mind paying a high rate for above and beyond service. Getting employees to understand that and finding a way to reward them for it is difficult.

RKDus, where are you located?