View Full Version : Win XP MCE Reovery Disk will not Install on Laptop

Nathan H
01-17-2008, 09:54 AM
Hi All,

My client has a philips Freevents X55P.

I got callout a few weeks ago to remove spyware, as part of my service i made her a recovery Disk, ( This was an option from her software all ready installed)

However now the laptop requires reformatting and evry time i install the Recovery disk it formats and installs the recovery partion OK, but fails to install the user Partion and then gives various BSOD errors......

The Laptop has a SATA Drive on it (if this makes a difference, I.m not too sure)

I ran Fdisk and format from my Win 98 Floppy Boot disk (VIA USB FDD) then tried to install Win XP Pro SP1 Retail which failed stating no Hard Disk Drive could be found.....

The solution is proberly simple and staring me in the face...... perhaps i'm blind as i cant figure it out...

If anyone has come across this problem before or has any advice Please... Please... Please... Post it as im now in dispare .....

Many Thanx In advance

01-18-2008, 02:48 AM
(note: This looks long, and might look hard. It is NOT hard. Follow it step by step. It is VERY easy.)

1. Get a tool like UltraISO. I mention that one specifically as it is my favorite one.
2. Use UltraISO to extract the files from the windows xp install disc to a directory on your drive. To make it simple later on make the directory short like c:\xp
3. Also using UltraISO with the iso loaded go to the menu item for Save Boot File and save the boot file for that iso to boot.bif.
4. Download:
This tool is named Raid Slipstreamer and it will put all the sata and raid drivers you could want right into your windows install disc.
5. Run Raid Slipstreamer and type in the directory c:\xp (or whatever you made it. Then select Windows XP. Dont select sysprep or winpe in the middle section. The only things you want to change are the directory to c:\xp and selecting windows xp on the right side. Install should be selected by default on the left side of the screen. Hit the Proceed button.
6. When it is finished it will beep and say it is finished. Load up UltraISO and click on the new button or use file-new. Add all the files in the c:\xp directory to the iso image. Do not add them as xp\FILES, if d is your cd drive. Make sure it is just the files.
7. Go up to the Load Boot File menu item and load the boot.bif you saved.
8. Go to the file menu and save as winxp.iso (or whatever you want.)
9. When its done burn that iso and your done.

After all that you have a windows install disc that has all the latest sata and raid drivers you could want. It should work on all the latest desktops and laptops.

Nathan H
01-27-2008, 08:39 AM
Cheers Greg,

tried that didn't work.

Thought bought another Recovery disk form the TechGuys, (They have the contract with DSG here in the UK.

That gave the same results.

I put the HDD in my PC via my USB / SATA Adaptor and it worked fine in my PC

I'm now thinking it's either A RAM issue or my MOBO is faulty, would you agree.

Nathan H
02-02-2008, 05:48 PM
just an update,

i replace the RAM then reinstalled the software.

this worked so it was just a ram fault after all.....

but thank you for the input.