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02-16-2006, 06:11 PM
This article is about getting more clients by using social networking which allows you to get introductions more easily saving time and money in the process.

Here are some steps that may help:

Make a list
Make a list of people you know. Everyone. Start with your family, then your neighbors and your coworkers. What about the co-workers from your last job? Members at your church, your sports club, your old high school, your accountant, your lawyer, your bank teller. Everyone goes on the list.

Additional Information
Once you have a list of names spend some time to add in any additional information about them such as their contact details and when their birthday is.

Order the list
Identify those in your list into categories such as friends, regular home owners & business owners. This is where client contact software can be useful.

Use the list and maintain it.
By now you should have quite a decent database of potential clients and now you can make use of it and target your advertising. For example, you can make up targeted advertising flyers to send to the business owners group with an emphasis on being able to repair the computer quickly as a business having a computer down could cost them thousands of dollars per day.

You could also use the database to bring up a list of people in a certain postcode that is usually out of your way to visit, run a special for that week (eg 10% off) and try to line all those jobs up into a few days to minimize traveling. This way you can still do work for those you typically wouldn’t do due to the traveling time.

Every time you go to a new computer repair job, be sure to enter everything you can about your client. While at the job during casual conversation you can drop these questions to your client that you can use in your database.

Keep in contact!
Stay in the front of their minds as long as possible and use any excuse to send a card, advertising or make a phone call. On Christmas send them a Christmas card, send them a birthday card, and even send them a anniversary card for the date that you first worked on their computer.

By using these methods you will save tons of money and time by tapping into your network database first.Read the full article. (http://www.computerrepairtalk.com/expand-your-business-with-social-networking/)

02-22-2006, 05:48 PM
i think if u have a big contact list it realli bring business as all the people to some point of time have to repair the computer and that's when u comes in..;)