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01-10-2008, 01:19 AM
Hey Everyone

Happy New Year! I have a question I am not sure is appropriate for this forum, but here goes.

I am trying to design a database that will assist at my job (yes I have to hold a full time career until my business is off the ground). The database must keep track of all computer equipment (monitors, computer, printer, some supplies), I would also like the database to keep track of maintenance requests. Of course I want to be able to retrieve various types of data.

I work for a contractor and because of the nature of it I am not allowed to have access to the server. Basically, I will have to put all of this data in by hand and keep up the database the old fashioned way.

I want to use MS Access because I really like it. I have not really played with anything else and Access is all I have available at my disposal.

My question is, Is there some place out here in cyberspace that can help me get started. I do have a little experience with access and can make heads or tales of where to get stated. I just want a little more assistance. I have a few good books but feel I will benefit from a database experts opinion.

Thanks for all of your assistance. Sorry for the lengthy explanation.

01-10-2008, 04:50 AM
theres really no quick and easy way to do a database. You gotta sit and really know the database you are building inside and out. MS Access will prob do fine what you are doing My SQL works good too... If you want my opinion to make it alot easier on yourself. Take your time, learn the stuff, backup repeatedly. The hard part is not entering the information or setting up the database. The tuff part is designing the database before you even touch the computer. Get a good game plan before you try and tackel it. You should have the database design pretty much written out on paper before you try to do it on the computer. I do not know of any programs that will do it for you or get you started. Try reading through the help guides or look for tutorials for Access, maybe thatll help...

Good Luck...

01-10-2008, 12:11 PM
I believe the MS Office Website has a pre-built one for this kinda of need. Thought I saw the download once there. :)