View Full Version : the promise of jump drives

01-08-2008, 09:34 PM
Hi folks, I just want to say this is a very cool web forum and I appreciate all the help and tips.
I have been in the process of collecting several versions of Linux and stumbled upon live-CD's. You pop in the CD and run Linux right from the CD without affecting your MS Windows installation. This live-CD Linux can be copied to a Jump drive. If your computer supports booting from a USB jump drive, you can bypass the hard drive altogether. Running Linux from the jump drive is faster and you can plug it into any computer that supports it. MS Windows is not so portable because it is designed for one machine use, but the jump drive option is still workable. Running the OS and the applications from one say 4 to 8GB jump drive and saving user data to the hard drive, isolates your data from system crashes and such. The computer I bought had the XP install, the install files and my user data on one hard drive. XP developed a corrupted file and would not boot. I could not recover or get to the install files and lost the user data. Jump drives to the rescue!!! With a couple of adequate size jump drives, you can do away with a hard drive and have a solid state machine. They add flexibility and access but can be a security problem in some cases.
I am still exploring how jump drives can be used, looks very promising.