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05-08-2006, 08:07 AM
Think there will anything downright groundbreaking that could change how the internet works or something that would replace it? Ever? Anything coming up in the near future that makes the internet in anyway more special?

Bryce W
05-08-2006, 08:40 AM
American congressmen are talking about "network neutrality" as big companies (telcos and ISPs) are trying to impose limitations on certain websites.

For example, lets say you are shopping for a new computer online, rather than you being able to find exactly what your looking for, you will be taken to the company that your ISP has a business relationship with.

Other things are that they can limit certain technologies. For example, lets say you want to use Google Talk (voice software) however your ISP blocks that ports it uses and you can only use Skype because the ISP has cut a deal with Skype.

Anyway, legal fights are going on, laws are being discussed blah blah. But if ISPs and Telcos are allowed to do this it will definantly change the face of the internet.

If you want, there is more info on this topic here:

Thats the only thing that I can see changing the internet in a big way.

Bryce W
05-16-2006, 06:04 PM
I HAD to post this:

"Ask a Ninjas" explaination of this net neutrality issue, Good for a laugh:


05-16-2006, 07:35 PM
Well, there's always been the rumours of Google's slow but steady buy-up of 'dark-fibre' (fibre optic cabling that's been layed into the ground but isn't currently being used for anything), which could be used for google to roll out super-fast wireless internet across America (and possibly other parts of the world), but there's been no news on that for a while...

IPV6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) is a large'ish piece of internet news in that it will increase the amount of available internet address' to something almost unbelieveable (it's something like being able to give an address to every molecule on Earth, stupidly large), will iron out some of the bugs in IPV4 (our current implementation of internet protocol and generally be pretty cool. It's currently already being VERY slowly rolled out across some of the larger internet backbones, however they arn't increasing the bandwidth (speed) of their connections along with implementing IPV6, something which they almost promised to do... Bad Ju-Ju-Juice!

Ummmm, FTTP (Fibre To The Premise) is another big piece of internet news, in that it would deliever 100Mbit/s (or faster) connections straight to our houses, allowing IPTV (Internet TV) to take off, almost real-time sharing of files between distant sites without the need for huge dedicated lines (very expensive) and almost instantly usher in a new age of digital connectivity for each and every one of us... The reason it doesn't exist yet it because the organisations that control the backbones of the internet haven't yet upgraded their technologies and connections to a point where allowing that vast an amount of bandwidth to pass is even possible... Write your congressman about this, because the US government has pumped a total of approximately 2 TRILLION (yes, this figure is correct) into the Telecommunication's industry based on their promise that FTTP WOULD exist by now... (Also, i'm an Aussie and powerless to do anything about this, hence my passiveness :))

There's three issues that are rather large, the Net Neutrality issue unfortunately goes well beyond the Black and White "IT IS A BAD THING" standpoint that most of the internet is taking, but it is, as has been pointed out, another large 'internet-issue' as of late.