View Full Version : Hd Pc?

11-24-2007, 08:26 AM
With all the HD stuff what would it take to have a PC which can smoothly play HD video. I am not talkin about just Blu-Ray or HD-DVD but also avi, mkv, and other video formats I am sure many of us enjoy. I am curious becuase my HTPC is hooked to a full 1080p compatible TV. I am not sure I will upgrade as the PC is almost 8 months old. I did notice nVidia has thier PureVideo which is where the hardware can decode H.264 files. I also found a Blu-Ray drive for PCs for under $300 which is fairly cheap upgrade to a PC if the PC is already HD capable in other aspects. But the nVidia hardware decoding aside I don't see that effecting avi or other pc file formats all too soon. This boils down to what specs really are needed for smooth playback I see reports of 2.2 GHz - 3.0 GHz all single core I believe. I love HD I have a PS3 becuase I like the games on it, it has an HD format, and I its not MS. A side note Blu-ray is better lets all go Blu-ray :p