View Full Version : Unplug that hardrive! before it's to late.

11-13-2007, 07:25 PM
Hello again. Today while sitting at my Dad's machine it froze on me. And, when I restarted it, video card did not initialize, nor did i get any BIOS "ok" beep. So, immediately I thought either RAM of processor was toasted, or faulty. So I opened up the machine to re-seat the processor and RAM (old Pentium2 350) Low and behold, re-seating them did the trick.

Now, here's my tips to new techs, don't zone out on the RAM and processor, REMEMBER that there is a device that is spinning at mad speeds, namely your harddrive. I remember having to unplug the PC and swap around RAM and reseat the processor about 6 times before it worked. This constant switching on and switching off, can do a number on your hard-drive. So, though you maybe just reseating RAM or or any other task that may require you to constantly turn on and off your computer(like testing expansion scards) do your hard drive a favor and unplug it until the tests are done. The constant starting and stopping of the hard drive platters can damage it. Just a tip I decided to share