View Full Version : Why are you into computers?

04-14-2006, 08:27 PM
Just wondering?

Bryce W
04-15-2006, 05:05 PM
Im into computers because it is something I can do on my own (im an introvert) and it has infinite depth.
I grew up around computers having the first one in our house when I was 5 years old (go go Commodore 64!), I then got a Amiga 500 with an additional 500kb of ram (1mb of ram! woo!) for my 7th birthday.
My father later brought some 486's for business which I used to play around on.
I then got a Pentium 200 of my own. At this point I was old enough to work and I eventually saved up for a Pentium 550, then a P2.6 which is my current PC.

Short answer to your question why I am into computers, because I grew up around them.

04-30-2006, 07:59 PM
I grew up with computers back when the apple IIGS was big.

I've watched them evovle in speed and capabilties.

I orginally was only into pc gaming well that didn't last but until Highschool when I got my first taste of PC programming.

I took to learning it with easy no real effort on my part but that didn't stop me from trying to improve.

then when I graduated High school I took a CIS degree at herzing college. and since then I've only gotten more and more into them.

Its because computers aren't ever gonna be the same. they are consently changing. thats what keeps me into them.

05-01-2006, 09:34 AM
I didn't know even what computers were until i was like 8 bcause i lived in china in those ealier years. After i moved here to the states, i would always go with my dad to UW-Wisconsin (he was a professor there) and play around with the computers that they had. I remember downloading demos off the internet and playing em. I also remember telneting to other servers at the school to download this jack rabbit shooting game taht they had. ^_^ thats how i got into computers really, just by interacting with them. they fascinated me.

05-28-2006, 05:46 AM
I used to be active and I still am but the reason I am into computers is because there is so much useful information on computers and I realized that you can make a lot of money if you know what you are doing with computers and the internet.

05-28-2006, 05:59 AM
I first got into computers for generic games for Windows 95, then I began to expand my experience by playing games like Elf Bowling, etc. Once I got a computer of my own, I played Diablo 2, I was only about 10 years old, and never played much of anything like it, so I didn't want to play it too much and die. Once I understood the game, I began playing online and then met with a website called d2jsp. D2JSP had bots, but the only problem was, they began to charge people donations to gain access. I had to sell some of my Diablo 2 items to somebody so they would buy me a donation of $25. I then began to bot, and wanted to sell my itemsand create a clan. From there is where I got into webpage design, beginning with yahoo and geocities, and now I have a varitey of interests in the computer field.

05-30-2006, 11:47 AM
Much like Knuckles, I started with a Commodore 64 - a powerhouse by those standards, although by the time I started using it 386es slowly started going forward. I honed my BASIC and 6510 machine language. Since then I've been studying how to program, design webpages, use specialized formatting languages like TeX (for mathematical/physical equations). Yes, games were a big help in letting me learn how to do all that - but as of late they're becoming more of a pastime, as opposed to becoming the main course.

The reason I'm into computers now remains the same - the fact I can program them to do what I want (to a limited degree, of course), the fact I can still use old computers (like my recently re-bought C=64C) and the fact I can interface them to work together. In a way, it's like breathing life into those old 8-bit machines - most find it odd, but if I can make it do something it couldn't do before, it's success.

06-03-2006, 04:14 AM
Computer was kind of passion in me since i was 14...Though it initially started with playing games, later on I switched my interest to animations and then a bit of programming....In today's world, it is as important than any other requisite....

Hats off to this Electronic Gadget, is what I say....

06-06-2006, 12:40 AM
Even I have grown around computers. My brother got a 286 PC when I was very young, and it always interested me. From the 286 to a p1, to a Duron and now to a p4, its been a long journey. I played countless games on them and also got into programming at a very young age. I just knew it, this is what I wanted to do my entire life.

06-23-2006, 03:00 PM
Two words...... FREE PR0N. ;D

Okay, so I have to PAY for it, but at least pictures are enough to get me... Uhm. Computers rule, that's all. *runs away*

There's many reasons as to why I'm "into computers," I ain't naming them. :mad: Besides, they're useful when it comes to educational purposes.

06-23-2006, 03:25 PM
lol free porn anyhow huh just got into it a little early on with 386 computer at home then more so after gettin into gaming which made me get into learning more about it and just the ease with which i picked it up

07-18-2006, 11:02 AM
I am going to have to say that I am into computers becasue it lets me get in contact with the whole world like I am doing right now.

07-18-2006, 11:20 AM
I am into computers becasue they are fun and I can learn so much from using them and there is always something new with them.

07-18-2006, 10:44 PM
I am into computers because they have fun and cool things on them

I got started into computers when I took my dads computer and I thought wow what a cool gadget..lol

07-18-2006, 11:21 PM
Well, i am into computer since this is my profession and current work as Systems Administrator...

07-18-2006, 11:34 PM
i m in computer since 1995, and i will be in, its really nice and great field, i dont wanna away from computer, i love it, i run website too.

07-22-2007, 10:24 AM
Thats actually a really good question. I think for me its having some measure of control. Everything around us these days came from, was made by, invented with, or somehow envolves computers and its becomming more so every day. the more you know about them the more control you can have over your life, and the more you can do in life. I'd say in 5-10 years not knowing your way around a computer will be like not knowing how to read. I kind of feel sorry for people who are not "into" computers.

07-24-2007, 01:15 AM
I'm really not into computers.....I hate them actually and it was my most hated subject when I was in my 4th grade...even when I got to high school:mad: I remember flanking an exam....:D But now? yes i love computers....since my 4th year in high school.... It was the first time we owned a PC...since then I learned to love computers....especially when it went broke...I think it challenge me...fixing my broke PC excites me.....but when it comes to other PC such as my friends' and relatives'...I don't dare touch their broken PC for fear that I might just worsen it's defects..LOL..but when it comes to my own PC I'm brave enough to disassemble and assemble it back......I graduated college and started working.....learned a lot of troubleshooting at the office and from the internet...and then I decided to get a short course in PC Networking and troubleshooting....it was a 68-hour course....I finished it and now trying to apply what I learned....actually the course is boring....i think I'm learning more in this forum...yeah really....coz the course is more of a lecture and less of a hands-on training....but well now I'm starting out to fix my own PC, my friends' and relatives' PC...just to get as much experience I can..so when I start to fix other people's PC then I will have the confidence to do it so......:)Until now I'm reading this forum almost everyday to get as much knowledge I can...and actually the one's I'm asking in the forums are actual PC problems I'm fixing.......whoo I think this is too long...you might be bored reading this......:D