View Full Version : Major virus problems with w32sality

09-30-2007, 05:57 AM
I have reinstalled vista on my main system 3 times in the past two days because of this one. I could not even restore from my Acronis secure zone as I usually do because It had corrupted the image. I finally figured out that I was reintroducing the virus into my system with some programs I was reinstalling from my D: drive, but I could not peg it down to one program. After my last install before going online or installing any other programs other than AVG and spyware terminator I did a full scan of the C: drive with each and came up clean. I then did a scan of my D: drive with AVG and came up with 2,781 infected items :eek: 2,750 were infected with the win32sality virus and the rest were false positives. This is insane because as of 2 days ago my system was clean ( scanned with spybot s&d, ad-aware se, hijackthis, spyware terminator and AVG ). My question is does anyone know about this virus, have any of you seen it before? Do I need to just do a rescan with Avg and if all comes clean go on with my life? Why did AVG and windows defender not pick this up before I had over 2,700 files infected?:mad: Should I just nuke the D: drive and my 196 gigs of software movies and documents? :eek: