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09-21-2007, 05:27 PM
I looked out the window an hour ago to see a blonde haired Golden Retriever/Lab (not sure which) running down the road with no owner in sight. So I ran outside, called out to him and to my surprise he came bounding over to me! I walked around with him to see if his owner was about to no avail. 5 Minutes later…


We took him to the vets and found out he was tagged :( The owners didn’t answer the phone when the vets called and we offered to look after him until the owners claimed him, but then a women came strolling in and said “That’s my dog!”. Cue my heart breaking :( Still, it was great fun having a dog for 30mins! Especially one as friendly as "Ben" (although his real name turned out to be Jasper).

I thought I would turn this into a pets thread, so feel free to post some pics.

Here are a few of my pet rats :)
http://www.smg-computers.com/hosted/newrats (Large).JPG

http://www.smg-computers.com/hosted/newrats2 (Large).JPG

09-21-2007, 07:55 PM
That is a lab and I have a lab as well also named Jasper but he is black
Him sitting at my desk in my chair
note: That PC is gone I am lacking an actual desktop for now

He is a huntin dog and so hes not mine but my Dads same difference