View Full Version : DNS Benchmark - from Steve Gibson at Security Now podcast

12-21-2009, 03:31 PM
Steve Gibson of Gibson Research Corporation has completed coding of DNS Benchmark: http://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm (http://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm)

It is described as: "A unique, comprehensive, accurate & free Windows (and Linux/Wine) utility to determine the exact performance of local and remote DNS nameservers". Steve said he will have the documentation ready on it soon.

This puppy is outstanding! If you want to easily test to see what DNS servers are performing the best from a particular computer, this is the tool.

For anyone unfamiliar with Steve, he has a weekly podcast with Leo Laporte called Security Now -- now in its fourth year. He originated the term "Spyware" and is an accomplished assembler programmer. His most well-known projects are Spinrite (Hard Drive maintenance and repair utility) and ShieldsUp (Port testing utility).

-- Patrick B.