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08-12-2007, 06:36 PM
Hello all,

I found this website this morning and after a few hours reading different threads, my head is now buzzing with new ideas. I only wish I'd found this site a long time ago!

My name is Simon and I live in Bristol in the UK. Are there many UK folk on here? I'm 23 years old and I graduated in Computer Science 2 years ago.

Coming from the student life, I was reluctant to head straight into a full time job! For years, I'd wanted to start a pc repair company of my own, so I figured now was the right time.

Two years later and I'm still running :) I have recently started working with a good friend (another Computer Science graduate + linux legend) which has really helped me mentally, as we can bounce ideas off each other etc.

I'm not quite a millionaire (:p), but I'm making enough to pay the bills and buy a few nice things that I don't really need. Considering the amount of free time I have aswell, this lifestyle really seems suits me :)

Anyway, I should probably stop babbling now. This site has already given me plenty of ideas to progress my business (namely business contracts). I only hope I can offer something back :)

Bryce W
08-13-2007, 04:27 AM
Welcome to the forums Sammy!. Your story sounds very very similar to mine. Im 23 years old as well and started going into my business full time when I finished studying
Congrats on your success, sounds like thing are going well for you. I loved your other post with the clients walking in on underwear on your bedroom floor. :D

08-13-2007, 03:34 PM
Thanks Knuckles. It's nice to see another person my age, heading out into the big bad world on his own :D How is your business going?

I must admit, I had a stroke of luck when I first started up two years ago and stumbled upon an old local chap, whilst delivering leaflets, who also ran his own PC repair company. He was just about to retire! And after seeing his accounts and asking him questions, I purchased his customer base (around 500 people, 20-30 of whom are still regulars) aswell as taking his telephone number.

Whilst things are ticking along nicely now, I can't help but feel I wouldn't have surivived very long had I not met this guy. Starting up on your own is a slow process in my experience!